Altar Cloths

An Altar is a sacred space you create to consciously welcome Divine energy into your everyday life. This is where you place your most treasured items, which can include crystals, candles, incense, pictures or statues. Anything that feels sacred to you.


Altar Cloths are used to decorate the altar, enhance the sacredness of the space, and a means of showing respect towards the Divine Spirit.


Does a certain color resonate with you?
Are you drawn to these symbols?


The Altar Cloth photos shown here have been created with love and light and will raise the energetic field within the room it is used.  Sacred symbols have been used here, it is your choice to use them or not.  The symbols add a beautiful energy and enhance the cloth’s vibration.


In addition, these cloths are also lightweight and easy to take with you, especially if you travel to various locations to do healing sessions, readings or workshops.


*Please contact me for available colors. Length sizes may vary. Priced accordingly.
*Click on any of the gallery photos for a larger view.

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