Clothing! We wear it everyday and yet we’re not always comfortable in what we have on.  Sometimes it’s too tight, too loose, too baggy, drooping off the shoulders, and just doesn’t quite fit right.


Have you ever wanted to have something that is custom made and makes you feel good about yourself?  Something unique and special.  The one item that becomes your ‘go to’ piece and makes you feel wonderful!


Color is also very important.  Colors carry energy and speak to the mood you’re in and what you are telling the world about yourself.
I have a great eye for color and can show you what works or doesn’t work and how to enhance your look.  Skin tone and hair are taken into consideration to match the color palette that suits you.  What resonates and makes your heart leap?


I also offer personal shopping assistance and consultations to bring you into greater awareness towards dressing in comfort and style.
Trends are great, but if they don’t work for you, then they are not worth buying.  You will always look put together and stylish when your clothing matches who you are, it speaks volumes and adds confidence to your being.