Womens’ Clothing

‘Rainbows are beautiful but dim in comparison to the beauty of your body’


Regardless of size or shape, we can create a garment that you absolutely love and fits properly as well.  The creation of the garment is a developmental step by step process.  It is so important that we get the correct measurements for your body shape.


We begin by deciding what kind of garment you need, what kind of style looks best for you, colors that will complement your coloring and then the fabrics to create the new garment.
If you have a favorite item that you would like to duplicate, we can do that also.
Or maybe a style you’ve seen in a magazine that you love, we can recreate that style to work for you.


Once the style and design is chosen, the fabrics, trims and buttons will then be decided.  A pattern will be made for you.
This will be your basic pattern for this design.  We can make many designs based on your basic pattern with a few changes and
tweaks to create a new look.  Patterns will be saved in your folder and kept on file for future styles.


This is a great way to build some great pieces for your wardrobe and know they will fit you perfectly.
Your ‘Go To’ pieces for feeling great and looking stylish.