Love Letters

Love Letters from clients …


When I opened the box, I saw the beautiful fabric and felt an amazing energy. I just wanted to hug the pillow immediately and it felt like I was being hugged by an Angel. I felt so loved and comforted. The sacred symbols on each side of the pillow really added to the vibrancy of it. The workmanship is flawless and your artistry comes through. I use it during meditation and when I lean against this awesome pillow, I feel an encompassing love and support. Thank you so much, I love it.
TM, Florida


Thank you for such a very thoughtful, unique and gorgeous product, you exceeded any expectations.  The cloth is very rich, the stitching so intricate, the border so elegant. Truly, this work of art will transform my whole space to a higher level, which is exactly what I wanted.
JS, North Carolina


Thank you so much for the altar cloth! It is absolutely gorgeous!!! And the energy of it is beautiful. Love the beautiful presentation – the ribbon and the sticker, so nice.  I just love it and can’t wait to put it in the healing center.  Thank you!!!!
SS, New York


I opened up the altar cloth you made for me and was absolutely stunned. That is the most beautiful altar cloth I have ever seen! Thank you so much, what a birthday present to myself.
JR, North Carolina


I’m delighted with the pillows and to be able to give to friends the beautiful pieces Lori creates.  So much love and beauty in all of them.  And this is from someone who sews!  Wonderful and heartfelt. You are a true artist.  Many Thanks.
BAS, Oregon


I had planned on ordering Lori’s pillowcases when I first heard of them and before I had a chance to place my order, lo and behold, I received one as a surprise gift from a dear friend. I had no idea when I laid my head on the pillow that first night, what a deep and profound healing I was to receive in Night School. I awoke enlightened and more awake to a situation in my life that needed to be addressed and forgiveness followed. From the minute you open the box you can feel the love, consciousness and magic in every stitch. Lori pours all of her energy into these creations and it truly shows. I love my Night School pillow and now never sleep without it.
Thank you Lori!
KH, New York


I truly cherish the beautiful altar cloths and pillow that Lori has created for me. From the color and pattern of the fine silken cloth from India, to the tiniest detail, great care is taken, and at the heart of each piece crafted, is the soul’s essence of the being for whom it is intended. These heirloom-quality items of love will be treasured and passed down from generation to generation.
AL, New Jersey


Thank you so much for the beautiful pillow! It is so gorgeous. It really adds so much to the space. I love it!!!
SS, New York